Nightlife Review: Solo’s Wine & Chocolate Night

Wine and chocolate is not something you would often think of pairing; if you’ve ever enjoyed your dessert only to look up and despairingly realise you still have half a glass of really good wine sitting in front of you that needs to be finished, you will know what I mean. There is nothing worse than wine after something sweet, there that strange sour but bitter moment where you whole face distorts in disgust – like the grown up version of drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth – so when we were invited to Solo’s chocolate and wine tasting night I was a little worried but I just put my faith in Marina’s hands.

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When we arrived at Solo and were met by a beautiful interior of dark rustic tones and funky pops of colourful decor; we were seated in their Vino Bar while further on, past the bar with the lime green bust (which I really wanted to take home!) sits the restaurant serving some wonderful looking Italian dishes.

Our table was laid with four wine glasses each and a placemat letting us know which wines were going to be which and soon enough we were introduced to Marina, Solo’s absolutely wonderful sommelier who talked us through her wine and chocolate pairings and why. She explained that all of the chocolates are made in house and went through the best ways to try the chocolates and the wines.

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We started off with the Bio Bio Merlot 2013 paired with a saffron milk chocolate, the chocolate was amazing, all I wish was that I could buy it by the box load; second was a Poggi Salvi Rosso di Montalcino 2013 with a raspberry dark chocolate, this one was amazing, the chocolate completely changed the flavour profile of the wine and then the wine really brought out the intense flavour of raspberry in the dark chocolate. The third was probably my favourite of the red wines, a Nero D’Avola Sallier de la Tour 2012 paired with a coffee and cinnamon chocolate with just a little milk to lighten it, the chocolate was interesting, with strong cinnamon flavours at first but after the wine the hit of coffee was intensified. Lastly the only white of the night, a Moscato Provoque 2014 paired with a white chocolate that was filled with banana and passion fruit, as a lover of both white chocolate and passion fruit I was excited by this one but I found the banana quite overpowering, though with the Moscato it was very nice, rich and creamy and the wine was sweet and almost like white grape fruit juice, I loved it.

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After going through all the regular pairings we started mixing and matching the wines and chocolates but found that Marina clearly knew what she was doing because none of the other combinations tasted as good as what she had laid out for us. It was amazing how the chocolate changed the wine’s taste, and vice versa, the flavours that it brought out were amazing.

I cannot recommend enough the wine tasting nights at Solo, they really are wonderful and Marina is so amazingly knowledgeable and makes wine tasting seem so incredibly unpretentious.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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