Dinner Review: Spirito

Spirito, the latest addition to the flurry of South American restaurants to grace Duba’s food scene, is a funky, fresh take on Brazilian food with quirky decor and a focus on sharing plates. With mix matched tables and chairs there is a distinctly street side cafe vibe about it and with the low lighting and loud music it is without a doubt a Media One venue.

When we arrived we were slightly confused as Level 9 houses two new restaurants, The Crab Tavern and Spirito one on either size but there is no really signage for which one is which, there is a mosaic in the floor with “arrows” but they are not overly clear.
Once we had found the right place though we were seated at a small and strangely low table with a wonderful view of the rest of the restaurant, from the low hanging chandeliers to the very 70s sofa.  After reading through the menu, which took longer than expected with the tiny font, white on a black background and blue light, we decided on a few plates, the pastries filled with mozzarella, croquettes with smoked chicken and the lobo steak with polenta fries. Unfortunately the heirloom tomato salad I would really have loved to order was not available.

The lobo steak, a grilled skirt steak with a chili rub served with three polenta fries. The cut of steak we were served unfortunately had a large fatty piece running through it but the meat was tender, really flavourful with a smokey hint of the open flame grill it had been cooked on. The polenta fries were delicious, crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, they were amazing, I could have had a bucket of them and been happy.

The croquettes were probably the highlight of the meal, delicious mozerella and chicken packed in a crisp coating, inside they were soft and had this wonderfully smokey flavour like nothing else I have ever had, it was almost like the smell of campfire.    On good thing about Brazilian food is that it is majority protein, meaning you have plenty of space left after your meal for dessert and at Spirito their desserts are worth saving room for! I had the churo doughnuts while the other half enjoyed the bon bon cake, both were amazing. The doughnuts were warm and sweet, served with a lovely pot of thick, sticky dulce de leche but the best part was easily the coconut truffle, fresh shredded coconutcovered in chocolate, like a better bounty.

The cake was sweet and minty, creamy and just the best dessert ever, a small portion that was a perfect end to the meal.

While Spirito has it’s ups and downs it is a great place to gather with friends for a really good meal, it’s a beautiful little place that’s so comfortable you could loose yourself for hours.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

4 Camels

200 - 300

Credit CardBar  Smoking Area

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