Waxy Apples, Just Why?

Weird right? Well that’s what happens when your apples are so covered in wax that they have lasted over a month in your fruit bowl and scrubbing them only removes the top layer. So this morning my yoghurt had squeaky, waxy apples in it. It’s disgusting.

It doesn’t matter where you buy them from, even organic apples have been waxed. Why. It may not be outrightly bad for you but it makes the fruit taste like crap, it coats your teeth and it’s just generally annoying, I can’t stand the way the fruit feels when you pick it up and I like leaving the skin on my apples I don’t want to have to peel one every time I feel like eating one.

Yes I do know that apples produce a natural wax but that is not what I am finding on these apples, even more so my ones this morning, they felt like they had had a candle melted over them.

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