10 Must Try in Dubai

This crazy culture melting pot means that we have the pick of some of the best, worst and weirdest foods and before you move on – where ever that may be – you have to tried these Dubai staples at least once:

1. Shawarma

This perfect 3am, post night out fix, late afternoon snack or anytime meal. Be it with or without french fries, this garlicy delight is amazing, and before anyone says it, no it is not the same as a kebab, and if you want done right head to Automatic Restaurant – as far as I know they were one of the first places to start putting fries in this beautiful sandwich.

2. Al Reef Bakery, Cheese Mankeesh

More lovingly known as cheese bread, there is nothing better than Al Reef, open 24 hours this little places has been churning out bread for as long as I can remember, it will always be serving, no matter what time of day it is. But after 12am be prepared to queue with the cities drunk and hungry party animals.

3. Sticky Chicken

You can buy them at most cafeterias but the best are from Eat & Drink, a quick dinner fix which requires no cooking and they are perfectly cooked and full of amazing flavours, perfect for sandwiches, drowning in hummus or sticking into a pasta bake.

4. Hummus

Real hummus is smooth and creamy with a zesty lemon tang, not of this lumpy overly garlicky stuff you find elsewhere. Also it goes with everything, carrots, chips, bread, in sandwiches, on salads, or just by the spoonful. Spinneys probably do the best hummus out of all the supermarkets and you can buy it by weight so load up and pig out.

5. Falafel

Nothing is better. The perfect snack, dipped in hummus or stuffed in a sandwich these little bites of heaven are the perfect on the go snack and the best ones can be found at Sultan Dubai Falafel in Deira, I wish I was joking when I say that it is so worth the trip to the dark side of town.

6. Chicken Byriani

The constant battle between the Middle East and South East Asia over who first came up with the byriani dish may never be resolved but all I know is who ever came up with it was a genius. Chicken, rice, spices, delicious.

7. Zinker Burger

The famed Zinker Burger, forget everything you know about fast food and prepare for the famed Zinker, a spicy chicken burger that does exactly what it does on the tin. Many cafeterias serve them but Antar will always be the first place I ever saw this on the menu.

8. Ravis Butter Chicken

Because Ravi’s is a must when you’re in Dubai and their butter chicken is famous. I don’t think I need to say more.

9. Park ‘n’ Shop Rolo Cookies

A high school staple was a rolo cookie, added to that a chicken mayo sandwhich and a packet of crisps and you were set. There is something outright delicious about these cookies, though that is not to say that their white chocolate and regular chocolate chip cookies aren’t awesome too!

10. Samosas

Another not quite Dubai treat, hailing from the streets of Deira and available in any petrol station or corner shop these fat balls of dough are packed with delicious fillings, from vegetables to chicken they are enough to fill you up for a good while!

Honorable Mentions

  • Spinneys’ cookies – only not included in the list because they recently changed how they make them and they are just not nearly as good.


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