Vegan Challenge: Wednesday 8th July


Hello again all, I am still here and I am still vegan, sorry for the extreme lack of posting on here, and on Instagram and Facebook but work has been crazy busy recently and by the time I get home I really just don’t feel like writing anymore.

A quick update for you though on how the vegan thing is going, I have lost a crazy amount of weight which is a plus, I didn’t even notice until yesterday when I put on a pair of trousers and spent the whole day with my trousers all flapping around my legs looking ridiculous. On another not however, while for the most part I feel a lot better not eating animal products I have noticed that by about 1pm my joints are in a hideous amount of pain, I’ve always suffered from sore joints since I had scarlet fever as a kid, mostly in my fingers and knees but it has never been like this, I don’t know why or what I’m missing in my diet but it is really sore and considering I write by hand a lot at work it makes my day pretty difficult.

In other news, the vegan thing defiantly gets easier as you go on, suddenly I’ve started being able to easily choose vegan friendly items in the supermarket and we have so far managed to order Burger Fuel and a wonderful Indian from 25 Degrees North, both entirely vegan!

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