Vegan Challenge: Sunday 21st June 2015

Today was father’s day, a day to celebrate the wonderful men in our lives. It was strange how many people I have on my Facebook page who do not have a father for one reason or another, I can’t imagine what that must have been like, my dad is someone who has always pushed me to do things, even when I fought against it, he’s supported me through most of the crazy and weird things I’ve wanted to do and he always knows how to make me smile. He calls me every few days to check how I’m doing with this vegan challenge, make sure that I’m surviving.

I have to admit though, for a little while today I didn’t feel like I was surviving, I was feeling pretty under the weather this afternoon, so much so I just wanted to give up this challenge and sit in bed with a baked potato smothered in cheese; but I didn’t, instead I sat in bed snuggled up in my duvet burrito and started watching the latest season of Masterchef.

L made dinner for us because I didn’t have the energy to stand in the kitchen faffing, but it was delicious, we had spaghetti alfredo which was made with cauliflowers and rice milk instead of cream and parmesan. It was really satisfying, though I can’t say I was fooled into thinking it was alfredo, anyone who tells you that is lying. As a sweet treat afterwards I enjoyed a sour mango with chili and sugar which hit the spot!





I stole a few of the other half’s fries and sipped on some juice


Cauliflower spaghetti Alfredo

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