Vegan Challenge: Saturday 20th June 2015

Today was pretty uneventful, it was the perfect end to a much needed relaxing weekend, I read up on a few more quirky vegan things and also learnt that Bubbleology – at least the fruit teas – are vegan! So that pretty much made my day. Aside from that I managed to make mac n cheese for the other half without giving in to the temptation of nibbling on a bit of cheese.

For dinner we had an amazing curry, lentils, cauliflower and sweet potato with brown rice. It was so insanely delicious. Though one thing I have noticed through all this lentil eating is that there is little to no point in different coloured lentils, they all kind of loose their colour anyway when they are cooked! I haven’t looked into wether each one has different nutritional values but it doesn’t really bother me, they taste good.

In other news I am not finding myself craving much, except milk, none of these non dairy options can quite satiate my want for real milk. But I am fighting it, and I am sure with time it will pass; I shouldn’t really be drinking milk anyway, none of us should. I have to say though, through all of this am finding myself happier, which is weird, I didn’t expect to have an emotional reaction like this to cutting out animal products and by that logic most sugar, but in doing so I am feeling much more motivated to actually do things and finding myself to be quite content with what I am doing.



Sweet potato hash


Pasta with tomatoes and coconut milk


Lentil, cauliflower & sweet potato curry with brown rice

One comment

  1. I just read this and you can imagine my delight that you have openly – on the internet, to the whole wide world – admitted that you shouldn’t be drinking milk.
    I am also overjoyed to know that this experiment is proving the emotional side of diet to be true.
    I hope that you will keep the changes once the challenge is complete.


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