Vegan Challenge: Friday 19th June 2015

I stayed in today and enjoyed a nice quiet Friday, it gave me a chance to prep for dinner well in advance, it makes everything so much easier. This morning I made pancakes and in the process of trying to find a recipe I came across this interesting infographic about the uses for different non-dairy milks:

I am amazed by the things I have learnt already about being vegan, like the flax seed egg, it’s brilliant, great for binding things and without the worry of undercooking things and ending up with raw egg. That’s one thing I have found quite enjoyable about going vegan, you can’t really undercook anything, not so that it can make you sick. That and leftovers last so much longer in the fridge.

 Food Diary:


Pancakes with raspberries and blueberries


Leftover lentil chili


Quinoa & butternut squash burgers with sweet potato fries

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