Lunch Review: Sun&

Yesterday we were invited to dine at the new Sun& Mediterranean Lounge on the Palm. A beautiful laid back little restaurant decorated in light woods and beautiful potted orange trees, the perfect place for drinks (when they get their alcohol liscence through of course) or a light meal overlooking the Palm Marina.

 The staff are wonderful, really friendly and helpful and so fully of recommendations for dishes. The whole time we were really well looked after and we tried some amazing dishes. The restaurant works on a sharing concept, all of the dishes are served to be shared between the whole table, so if you do visit be sure to order a whole selection!


To start off with we had the vegetable chips and the olives with chili, the chips came with aioli and balsamic dip, they were delicious, we devoured the plate in minutes. The olives were served warm, they melted off the stone, packed with flavour and served with the most amazing bread.


The drinks selection – which at the moment is limited to the booze free variety – is great, the ginger and honey is to die for but the smoothies might need a little work, the very berry one we ordered kept separating…




So before I start talking about the food let me just say, we ordered a lot of cheese. Like, a lot. Now you know let me also tell you, the meatballs are amazing, to die for, the best meatballs I have ever had – I’m not a huge meatball fan but these, I could live on no questions asked. We also tried the saganaki,  a greek cheese, pan fried and served with figs, balsamic glaze and lemon, none of us had ever tried it before but we were all converted, but – as we were told by our waitress – the cheese must be eaten warm or it becomes chewy, but there wasn’t much time for it to get cold so that wasn’t a problem and with the figs there was a creamy, salty and sweetness that was perfect.

The polenta bravas are a do not miss dish, a great twist on the run of the patatas bravas, fried cubes of polenta served with a delicious tomato sauce and micro herbs, the outside is crispy but the inside is creamy and mouthwatering, I honestly could have had a bucket of them. Then we tried the goats cheese, little balls of delicious herbed goats cheese served with honey, and as someone who isn’t keen on goats cheese I can honestly say this will be a stable in my order when ever I return to Sun&.

Our final savory cheese dish was the haloumi with strawberries and mint, their best selling dish it seems judging by the number of haloumi laden plates coming from the open kitchen. The cheese was amazingly smokey and cooked to perfection with delicious flavours, the strawberries are cooked and super sweet, the perfect balance to the salty cheese.


  After all of that can you believe we still had space for dessert?! Well we did, because we had to! We ordered the citrus cheesecake which comes deconstructed and beautifully presented, each part was mouthwatering alone but together it was amazing. We also had the panacotta with orange jelly, beautiful glasses of white and yellow and a perfectly set panacotta packed with flavour, the jelly tasted of orange blossom which was mellowed by the vanilla in the panacotta. We also had the churos, because there is nothing better than churos. Served on a bed of dulce de leche with a side of strawberry jam, they were doughy and covered in cinnamon and sugar, it was amazing, the perfect end to a fantastic meal.

If you’re looking for somewhere to get a great bite to eat with a few friends head over to the Sun& Facebook page for when they officially open and get down there asap!

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

5 Camels

100 - 200

Credit CardLocal Water  BarSmoking AreaOutdoor Seating


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