10 Things You Should Know Before Going Vegan

I found this helpful list on It’s a Lovely Life’s blog and I thought I would give it a share as the Middle Eats Vegan Challenge is fast approaching, I am trying to mentally prepare myself for this as I know it is going to be hard. So if you’re joining in you might also find this helpful:

1. Honey is NOT vegan. You might know that, but non-vegans will not. You will be correcting people forever on this and it will spark many debates.

2. Most table sugars are not vegan. This is a shock to many people because sugar is not an animal product. The reason it is not considered vegan is because it is often processed with bone char. This makes the sugar white. You will need to check labels and buy the ones that are labeled vegan. That is the only way to know for sure if it really is.

3. Everyone will assume that you love ALL vegetables and every salad known to man. Once you spread the word that you now follow a vegan lifestyle, be prepared to eat plain vegetables and salads at every dinner party.

4. You will need to make time to plan your meals. This really isn’t a big deal once you get used to it… but you will not always have time to read labels or shop at specialty restaurants for every meal so you will need to get creative and plan ahead.

5. A vegan diet doesn’t necessary mean that you will only be eating healthy foods… and in the beginning you will eat lots of french fries. This is one of those hidden shame things. So many restaurants haven’t gotten the memo about people not eating animal products and often the french fries are the only safe thing on the menu {although even the french fries can have beef fat in them so always double check}.

6. People will judge you and voice their concerns as if you have chosen to join a cult. Remember that is comes from lack of knowledge and it is not a personal attack. Consider it an educational opportunity.

7. You do need to worry about vitamin deficiencies, especially B 12. You will feel like you are eating enough veggies to get all the nutrients you need but, at least in the beginning, it is a good idea to find a health care practitioner that understands the special needs of a vegan and get your levels checked.

8. You will make mistakes. Don’t let it worry you too much. You will realize after you eat something that it had egg whites in it or dairy products. Move on and remember it for next time.

9. Identify what vegan milk you like right away. You will want milk in your coffee or cereal and you will want it soon. Pick out what non-dairy milk you like the most right away and stockpile it. There are so many types now… from almond to rice to even hemp milk. I love coconut, but my daughter likes soy better. Find the one that you like.

10. Vegan meat alternatives will save you. When you get a craving for a ham sandwich have one made with fake meat. This will make the transition so much easier and it will open up your meal possibilities. So many traditional recipes can be veganized using meat alternatives.


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