Review: GROM

IMG_5197Gelato, the Italian word for ice cream, derived from the Latin word “gelātus” (meaning frozen). In English this word commonly refers to varieties of ice cream made in a traditional Italian style. Gelato can be made with milk, cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purées, it is a type of soft ice cream containing a relatively small amount of air.

Grom, an Italian gelato shop born on the streets of Rome and serving hungry tourists and locals alike. With a great selection of flavours from salted caramel to peach there is a little something for everyone. 

IMG_5196Newly opened in Box Park Grom is a little unassuming sweet treat that doesn’t seem to have recognition here that it gets elsewhere. While it may be a little pricey for what is essentially ice cream it is delicious, fresh and packed with flavour. For example I had the yoghurt gelato and the mango sorbet – they pack two into your cup nestled side by side – and the yoghurt was delicious, smooth and creamy with a sour tang, and the mango sorbet was just like biting into a delicious ripe mango, it was amazing, so refreshing and it was such a lovely experience to eat something that tastes  like the real thing rather than artificial flavourings. 

The staff are a little quiet and don’t seem very passionate about what they do or the product they serve but they are friendly enough. Though a very sore thorn in my side – GROM do not serve local water, only imported and for 15Dhs for a small bottle at that.

So my recommendation is head here for a scoop but get your hydration elsewhere!

3 Camels

Under 100 Dhs

Outdoor Seating Credit Card


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