Lunch Review: Jamie’s Italian

  After my experience at Jamie’s Italian in Bath I was dubious of dining here, plus the mixed reviews I’d heard, but I was more than pleasantly surprised by my meal here and now I would easily recommend it to anyone asking for an Italian restaurant! It’s family friendly, romantic, a great lunch spot, a great dinner spot, it just ticks all the boxes.    Inside is beautiful, it’s really open and just industrial enough to still be warm and homey. The whole place feels like you’re sat in someone’s kitchen as they cook for you.  We chose to sit outside on the terrace overlooking the Jumeirah Beach Club and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

   We started with the complimentary bread selection – though free it must still be ordered. When it arrived it was a small pot of bread and what they call “music bread” which is a very fine toasted bread brushed with olive oil and garlic. One thing that really annoyed me though was when the bread arrived our waitress poured the olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then took the bottles away with her. I much prefer pouring my own as I have a ratio that I enjoy. When it came to drinks orders the first thing we realized was that they do not serve local water, only Highland Spring, which was a massive mark down in my books. I ordered the hibiscus iced tea to drink which was a great contrast of bitter and sour with just a hint of sweetness.   Edit  the food was amazing. I ordered a pumpkin pasta which was mind blowing. The flavours in the ricotta were delicious, seasoned perfectly. It was served with a spoon of breadcrumbs which when sprinkled over the top created the most wonderful blend of textures.we also ordered the salmon, which was perfectly cooked, wonderfully seasoned and so fresh and light.       For sides we ordered the polenta chips which were crisp and full of flavours, a great alternative to standard fries, and the radicchio salad which was crisp and fresh with a delicious press cheese sprinkled over the top.  The other half ordered the carbonara sans leeks – he can’t stand them. It was really good, fresh Al dents pasta, a perfect portion and just the right amount sauce.   When it came to dessert the other half just enjoyed a delicious iced latte wheelie the rest of us went for something a little more decadent.   We had  the pavlova which wasn’t too sweet with just the right amount of chew in the middle of the meringue, the honey comb and the sauce were the perfect additions without making the dish too sweet.   Then there was the frangipane tart, a sour cherry and almond slice of heaven surrounded by cashew biscuits  and whipped cream. The tart was dense and hardly sweet which was nice, just undertones of sweetness with amazing other flavours.  I honestly cannot wait to get back to Jamie’s Italian for another meal and sample some more of these Amazing dishes, and other than the lack of local water there was really nothing bad about the whole experience.

4 Camels

200 - 300

Credit Card Outdoor SeatingSmoking Area Bar



  1. I was in the Stockholm branch over the weekend & really enjoyed my dinner, too. From you pics, I quite like it that they have a similar look of their restaurants.


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