Dinner Review: Jazz@Pizza Express

Some regular readers of my blog may recall my not so shining review of Jazz@Pizza Express’ brunch, and after that experience I  wasn’t sure I ever really wanted to give this place another go but when the other half is a musician and you have to go to open mic nights on a Sunday hungry you are going to end up ordering something.

We arrived at the restaurant for open mic night and were greeted with a very curt hostess asking us if we had a reservation. When we said no she seemed very put out but somehow managed to find us a table in the basically empty restaurant.

We had a browse of the menu, which is very oddly organized with the salads and the desserts on the last page. But we quickly decided what we wanted and ordered as we waited for the musicians to start.

We started with a melted cheese dip, because really who could say no?! It was good, a little on the stinky side but really flavourful with hints of Rosemary. Once we had polished off the entire pot – substituting the breadsticks for forks by the end – it was time for mains.

The other half had ordered a margarita pizza, simple and delicious on a thin crispy crust topped with delicious melted and stringy cheese.

We had the superfood salad which was good but the cucumber was very out of place in the dish. But the massive portion meant there were left overs to take home for lunch the next day!

I had a pesto pizza, a delicious mix of fresh flavours on a crispy extra thin based, the fresh basil leaves added an extra pop to certain bites with an amazing burst of freshness. The pizza itself was beautiful, such amazing colors with a beautiful swirl of pesto covering the entire pizza.

For dessert we shared a cheesecake, it was pretty good, not too sweet with a great textured base. It was a perfect end to a great meal.

After this visit to Pizza Express I think I am far more likely to return again even if the staff are a little unfriendly on the whole, it just won’t be for brunch!

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