Dinner Review: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

If you love steak, or classic steakhouse sides, Ruth’s Chris is where it’s at.

Located in Marina with lovely views over the water Ruth’s Chris is a gorgeous dark and moody restaurant finished with classic white table clothes; well dressed wait staff bustle about with great big trays full of sizzling steaks and the hostesses are welcoming and full of smiles.

We began our night at the bar as we waited for the rest of our party, enjoying a cocktail as we waited and listened to the wonderful piano player. Once we were seated at our table the sommelier appeared to take our wine order, he was friendly and helpful and before long we were enjoying a beautiful red. We placed our food order with a really lovely waiter who was all smiles and began waiting in anticipation for our gorgeous steaks.

The wonderful thing about Ruth’s Chris steaks is the way they are cooked and served; they are seared at 982.2 °C and served on ceramic plates heated to 260 °C. Then a knob of butter is added just before the plates leave the kitchen in order to create the signature ‘sizzle’. 

When our food arrived it was evident we could have used a bigger table, but we managed to find a place for everything. We had onion rings, asparagus, potato gratin, creamed spinach and broccoli gratin along with four fillet steaks and everything was perfect. The creaminess of the spinach and the perfectly battered onions, all of the food was wonderful full of flavour, perfectly seasoned and the sides were all the perfect size for sharing.

We then had a wonderful bread pudding in celebration of the other half’s birthday, it was delicious, covered in beautiful vanilla custard. The pudding was soft and full of warm flavours with cinnamon and apples.

Overall the night was wonderful, the only downside was that when I made the reservation I was very curtly told that we only had two hours to enjoy our dinner before they would need the table again for their second seating. I do not appreciate being told that, when I am going to be dining in a restaurant with a fairly large price tag I will be kicked out whether I have finished my meal or not. I was reminded of this when we arrived at the restaurant but by the time it came to out two hour deadline we were left to it, thankfully. We actually ended up staying for closer to three hours.

Overall, despite the time limit I will definitely be back at Ruth’s Chris soon, you just can’t get better than their fantastic steaks.

4 Camels


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