Lunch Review: Automatic Restaurant

You can’t more classic Dubai than Automatic Restaurant. A Lebanese joint that has been around about as long as I have and the quality has never dropped, the food is always a great go to.

We went for lunch with family friends one afternoon, a blast from the past that we all know and love. We began the meal with some fresh juices and some hummus, enjoyed with the lovely homemade bread. Followed by a selection of mezze including taboulleh and cheese sambousak. My favourite thing about Automatic is that every dish is made to be shared, it’s a meal that takes over the whole table and the whole time there are plates being passed up and down and everyone is talking and laughing.

Following the mezze we ordered mains, spicy potatoes, shish tawook, shwarma plate and more hummus, because you can never have enough. The shish tawook was full over beautiful flavours, it was moist and absolutely perfect. The shawarma plate was lovely with perfectly crisped bits of chicken scattered throughout, and the spicy potatoes made the best accompaniment to the meal, just the right amount of heat and packed with delicious flavours.

I love that at Automatic I know I am going to have a satisfying meal and be delighted by authentic tastes but I have to say that sometimes their staff leave a little to be desired, they are very blunt and abrupt; one of our party was late arriving and before she had even sat down our waiter was at the end of the table saying “juice, what juice you want.” There was no question to in, simply a demand that left her feeling very confused – more so because all she wanted was a glass of water! This wasn’t the only example during the meal but you get the idea.

While the staff’s attitude didn’t ruin the wonderful meal it could have been made better by more friendly and welcoming people but it won’t stop me from going back to Automatic again and again!

5 Camels

Under 100 Dhs

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