Foodieventures: Exploring Jumeirah

We explored the little hidden gems and tummy favourites of Jumeriah.

Friday Foodieventure Last week I took my friends on a foodieventure; a whole day of trying new and exciting food around the city, a full day of eating, laughing and finding little gems around the city!


We started off with the famed SALT where they have recently launched their limited edition black menu: squid ink burger buns and a Blk. water. The place  was busy as always with people enjoying their friday by the beach despite the strange hot and sandy weather. The only unfortunate thing was that despite the social media hype around the black menu there was nothing on the menu or anywhere to give you any indication about what was included, if they were still selling it, what was on the burger, you only knew if you knew kind of thing.

Credit Card | Local Water |  Outdoor Seating | Smoking Area

Spill the Bean

After our burgers we headed to the wonderful Spill the Bean in Sunset Mall for a quick cold brew coffee hit.

I love the cold brew coffee at Spill the Bean, it’s creamy and strong with a beautiful nutty flavour, the tiny cups mean you get the perfect amount of caffeine to keep you going through the day.

The little cafe tucked away in the quite Jumeriah mall is great, comfortable seats, gorgeous decor and such a relaxed atmosphere you can’t help but want to come back! It’s a perfect place to spend and afternoon chilling out with friends for a coffee and a catch up.

Credit Card | Local Water

Yamanote Atelier

After our coffee it was time for something sweet, so we headed for somewhere new, something to excite our taste buds, Yamanote Atelier – a Japanese bakery in Wasel Square. We ventured into the little cafe and were met by the smell of fresh baked bread and baskets upon baskets of intriguing buns both sweet and savoury. We got ourselves a selection of things to try, from the salty cheese bun to the Nutella stuffed Hello Kitty bun, it was wonderful. Other than the slow and slightly rude service from the staff which consisted of a lot of short sharp orders being barked at customers and things being grabbed from out hands, Yamanote is somewhere you need to go if you’re craving something sweet and crazy!

Credit Card


Our final stop was Bubbleology in Media City, a place mixing up the famed bubble tea you’ll find across Asia. The little shop tucked away on the corner of the Gloria hotel looks like some sort of crazy lab with test tubes and beakers on the counters and chalk all over the walls. The selection in vast, from milk teas to fruit and a few dessert type ones with tapioca bubbles and little bubbles full of flavourful juice which are a delight to get up your straw, as they pop and completely change the flavour.

Credit Card | Local Water | Outdoor Seating | Smoking Area

By the time we got home we were all ready to have a lie down and digest the ridiculous amount of wonderful food we had eaten.

Until the next Foodieventure…

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