Why Don’t we Cook Anymore?

Think about that question, really think. How much, in all honesty, do you actually cook? When you go into the supermarket where do you shop? The fruit & veg section, the butcher or are you up and down the aisles for most of the time?

I have realized recently that as I have learned more and more about cooking and as my passion has grown I have found my self spending less and less time cruising up and down the aisles of the supermarkets and more time getting involved in the fruit and vegetables, picking up things I’ve never seen before, giving them a sniff and a squeeze, I’ve been exploring the butcher for new cuts of meat I’ve never attempted to cook with and I’ve been scouring the cheese and deli counters for something exciting.

This isn’t about “eating clean” this isn’t about loosing weight. This is about real food God honest real food. Not something that comes in a can or a jar and can happily live in your fridge ir cupboard for the next twelve months and still be edible, not something that has been so over processed it has had to have the original flavour recreated by chemicals and reintroduced at the end. What is wrong with real food? Why are people so scared of the thought of making things from scratch?

I often think I have figured it out. We are all under the impression that we are so different from previous generations, that we are so busy we don’t have time to really cook so we cheat. We all do it, from a sauce in a jar to a full ready made meal (be it frozen or fresh) we have all been guilty of faking it but why? Who told us that we don’t have time to make food? It doesn’t take that long. I am not talking about making your bread and pasta from scratch because those things do take quite a bit of time – not to say that you never should – but why not eat smart, if you want to make lasagna and you know it’s going to take you time to make the sauce, making it on a Friday or Saturday when you have nothing else going on and you can take your time. There are hundreds upon thousands of recipes for quick, easy, weeknight recipes all over the internet that take less than 20 minutes and use nothing from a jar.

So don’t start with the I’m to busy to cook, make time. Leave the office on time for once, invest in a slow cooker (I am serious, come home to a ready made dinner every night) and just remember it’s all about preparation, you might need to make things the night before, maybe you’ll have to plan your meals and do a big shop once a week, but either way, make the time and make real food.

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