Lunch Review: Fuchia

When you think of Thai restaurants you think of dark wood, heavy tables, Buddha statues, gold and candles, they are often dark and moody and playing plinky plinky spa music; all of which I find quite odd considering most restaurants in Thailand are pretty much open air, light, welcoming and warm and more often than not they are playing the latest hits from America. Fuchsia is somewhere in the middle of the west’s interpretation of Thailand and the real deal, it is a comfortable medium.

Located on the ground floor of one of the tower blocks in TECOM this little restaurant is a perfect place for a spot of lunch, the interior is light and warm with wood floors and super comfortable seats, the tables are laid with fragrant fresh basil and little pots of chopsticks – though I’m not sure why as chopsticks are only used for cooking in Thailand, they use a fork and spoon to eat pretty much everything so I don’t know what purpose the chopsticks really serve. But there isn’t a single Buddha in sight! Fuchsia to me is not about bringing Thailand to Dubai, it is about bringing great Thai food to Dubai using authentic flavours and keeping things simple, they way they are meant to be.

When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the staff and had the choice of pretty much anywhere in the restaurant – we arrived just after the lunch rush so it was nice and quiet. We began looking through the menu and immediately we decided on spring rolls to start and I order a Thai iced tea. For mains there was a pad tai with prawns, the pad see ew with chicken and I had the Panang curry with chicken.

Now I am not a very brave person when it comes to spice so I asked for my curry really mild whereas my dining companions went for hot. Lets just say the prawn curry soon required a glass of milk to help the pain! This food is not for the faint hearted, if you want real Thai with true Thai heat and spice there is no shortage of it here.

The Panang curry was fantastic, full of flavour with bite sized pieces of chicken cooked to perfectly tender, the sauce was wonderful with just enough that it wasn’t too soupy. The Thai iced tea was just like I would buy on my way to work when I was living in Bangkok, it was perfect.

For dessert we had mango and sticky rice, because it is my favourite dessert in the world, I love it, the freshness with the sweetness and the crazy blend of textures, all together it just makes the perfect dish! The only downside – like all places in Dubai – was that they use sesame seeds rather than deep fried mung beans to garnish which completely changes the flavour. Though I imagine you can’t get mung beans here which is why no where uses them.

After we had finished our meal we took home some of what we hadn’t managed to eat and I just loved the clever bags that it came in! That and the napkins that read “Have a rice day” really made me giggle and I appriciated the thought that went into them.

I have been craving going back to Fuchia since the last time we were there, the food was just so good and it was so refreshing to have true, delicious and simple Thai flavours that took me back to my time in living in the land of smiles.

4 Camels

100 - 200

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