Lunch Review: Barasti

I don’t normally go to Barasti, it’s not really my kind of place once the sun sets and I have often thought their food to be over priced and the venue in need of some TLC but one afternoon while on half term a fellow educator and myself felt the need for a table outside, a decent lunch and a couple of bevvies and Barasty ticked all of those boxes.

Since I was last at the infamous beach bar some massive changes have happened, they finally got rid of that nasty pool that just sat in the middle of the outdoor area being a massive eye-sore and replaced it instead with a large bar and more seating so it’s not like a boozey version of the hunger games when a seat is free, now there are plenty of spots to rest your achey high heeled feet.

I arrived first and headed straight for the bar in the restaurant to get a drink while I waited – none of the outside bars we open yet – the bartender was friendly and helpful, he was quick and there was no fuss, I got my drink, paid for it and was on my way. Unfortunatly however the waitstaff in the restaurant were not quite as helpful as the guy behind the bar, they were pretty busy making themselves look busy so I just found myself a seat, it wasn’t like it was overly busy and there were people waiting to be seated so I took the innitative and found myself somewhere to park it.

Not too long after sitting down my friend arrived, she sat down and ordered a drink and when it arrived as did the menus – it was at this point that we frist told the waiter we were still waiting on two more people. As we read through and decided what we were going to have (it took far longer than it should have with a mulitude of umming and ahhing) we were asked five times by the same two members of staff if we were ready to order, to which our answer was always no we are still waiting for people to arrive, it wasn’t busy, no one was waiting for our table I do not understand their rush to feed us – perhaps we looked starved. At one point they also attempted to remove the other two place settings from our our table, clearly they just didn’t actually listen to a word we had been saying.

Anyway when our other two friends arrived we all decided what we were having pretty quickly, there was a fruity noodle salad thing, two club sandwiches and I had the burger, all pretty simple meals. The salad was good, if not a little quirky but it tasted good, everything was fresh and crisp and the dressing was nice; the burger was great, it was clearly fresh and homemade. The meat was full of flavour and perfectly cooked with the garnish all being fresh and crisp. The chips were good, but I cannot give Barasti full credit as they were frozen curly fries which don’t take much skill to make. No while the salad and the burger were great and exactly what we expected from the menu the club sandwhiches were not. There was no fried egg, instead for some unknown reason it had been replaced with an odd tasting omlete type affair, one of our diners found a rather large piece of chicken bone in her sandwhich and the flavours throughout were lacking. I am not sure how a simple, staple dish can go so wrong but apparently it can.

Another thing that I noticed was that every single meal came with a mini bottle of tomato ketchup and one of mayonaise – not the little mini jam jar sized ones that are perfect for one person but actual miniture bottles. These came with every plate, including the salad and were just such a waste, one plate of maybe two of each would be more than sufficient for a table of four, or better yet just stick a regular bottle on the table and let diners have at it, I do not have time for these individual condiment servings.

All in all I think that with all of the changes at Barasti I would probably go back for a mid week lunch when it’s quite, because though the food is quite expensive as long as you don’t have the club sandwhich you’d probably have a good meal.

2 Camels

100 - 200

Credit Card | Local Water | Outdoor Seating | Smoking Area | Bar

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