Lunch Review: SALT

IMG_2867Unless you have been living under a rock you are probably aware of the so called “food truck revolution” taking place in America; innovative chefs turning out some of the most sought after menu items from the backs of little trucks, feeding the hungry office workers during the week and satisfying the adventurous tourists and the hungry city dwellers, the rest of the time this fast food trend has taken the states by storm, various food trucks have made international news and people have created television shows about them. They have become a social media phenomenon using these online outlets to help patrons locate them and turning it into an exciting meal time adventure.

IMG_2868Recently the craze has made its way to the shores of Dubai with more and more food trucks popping up around the city one of the first and most love is SALT, this Pricilla Queen of the Desert-esque two truck set up sits on kite beach and serves up sliders to queues and queues of people every day – including Sheikh Mohammed himself.

The location could not be better – though recently moved a little way further up the beach – the sand under foot, the rustic seating and the quiet peaceful crashing of the waves make this spot a perfect place for a bite to eat.

The burgers come two per order – little sliders comprised of homemade beef patties between a brioche bun with great fresh vegetables and a delicious sauce, the meat is juicy and full of flavour, they are clearly hand made and done so with love. My only tiny criticism is that they do not use real cheese but rather nacho cheese sauce type stuff, not that it takes much away from the burger, they are still to die for.

The fries are delicious, just the right amount of salt, they come in a good sized portion and they can also be ordered with cheese sauce on top – again the nacho cheese.

The staff are lovely, though the last time we visited SALT there were a couple of members of staff who stood very close to our table as we ate and I found their hovering very unnerving as we tried to enjoy our meal. I understand it was shady under the umbrella where we were sat however there were other ones where no one was sat…

Overall SALT is a place you have to tick off your list in Dubai! The perfect excuse to spend the day at the beach!

5 Camels

100 - 200

Credit Card | Local Water | Outdoor Seating | Smoking Area

Confused by the symbols? Click here to find out what they mean.


  1. The movie “Chef” about a restaurant chef who loses his job and starts again on a food truck is great 🙂 Will be interesting to see how successful the concept is in Dubai.


    • You and me both, I’m very excited about the emergence of the wonderful food trucks, hopefully there will be some great innovative chefs getting started here!


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