10 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for the Foodie Mum

With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about gifts and what better way to say thank you to the woman who has done so much for you than with something you have made yourself. So I have put together a few ideas with a little help from the internet:

1. Breakfast Basket

We all know that breakfast in bed is a great way to surprise your mum on Mother’s Day morning but what if you can’t? How about putting together a breakfast basket full of wonderful goodies that take all the work out of their morning. You could fill your basket with homemade bread, a lovely jar of jam (homemade too if you’re feeling like a super homemaker), some honey and orange butter, maybe some delicious organic fruit and perhaps a pot of her favorite tea or coffee beans. Alternatively you could put a jar of wonderful organic yoghurt, a bowl of berries and some fantastic local honey, maybe even include a beautiful little bowl for her to enjoy it out of – don’t forget to take everything out of the ugly plastic containers they come in and instead put them in lovely little jars or bowls.

2. Flavoured Butter

For the mum who loves to cook these flavoured butters are perfect, they are great for everything from toast to steaks to seafood. They are easy to make and you can put pretty much anything you like in them. They can be sweet, savory, a little of both if you’re feeling wild. Why not try some of these flavour ideas:

  • Port butter
  • Curry powder, minced red onion and chopped apricots
  • Basil pesto
  • Lemongrass and ginger
  • Sumac and mint
  • Candied orange and honey
  • Roast garlic
  • Red wine and onion
  • Brown sugar
  • vanilla

3. Recipe Chopping Board

Do you have a great family recipe that holds a special place in your kitchen? Why not burn it into a wooden chopping board for a unique and wonderful gift.

To find out how to make your own board click over and follow these instructions.

4. Unique tea bags

If your mum loves a good cup of tea why not make her own tea bags, buy some loose leaf floral and herbal tea and create your own blends using her favourite flavours.

5. Dessert Mug

Why not make your own dessert mug, using a sharpie to draw on the recipe for a brownie or carrot cake, pick anything there are loads of ideas online for treats that can be made in a mug and a microwave.

6. Cupcake Bouquet

Pretty much exactly what it says, homemade cupcakes iced like flowers and arranged in a pot. Beautiful for those who love flowers and cakes!

To find out how to create flower like icing check out this simple tutorial from Lauren Conrad

7. Cheese and wine night in a box

Buy a nice bottle of wine, a few delicious cheeses and whip up some gorgeous jams or chutney at home, things like bacon jam or caramelized onion jam, make in interesting. You could also make some crackers or a couple of mini baguettes to go with. Perhaps also get some nice grapes or some apples to go along with the cheese and wine.

8. Meal in a Box

If your mum likes cooking more than anything then why not buy her a selection of the best ingredients and write-up a lovely recipe card for her to cook up. Make sure you try source the most tasty local and organic fruit, vegetables and meat!

9. Cocktail starters

Create a starter of your mum’s best-loved cocktail, just make sure you also give her everything else she needs to make at least one glass!

10. Cookie Dough

Why not mix up a batch of exciting cookie dough, wrap it in parchment paper and put it in the freezer, then your mum can slice up a few cookies when ever she wants one and just stick them in the oven.

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