Dinner Review: Oregano

With so many pizza options it is often difficult to decided where to go for a quick Italian bite. One evening we decided to give Oregano in Motor City a go and it turned out to be a pretty good choice.

We arrived and were greeted by friendly staff who showed us to our table outside and we began reading through the menu deciding what we were going to have for dinner, it was a pretty extensive menu with lost of delicious sounding items, from pizza to pasta and beyond. One thing I really liked was that there were more than one option of gnocchi, it’s not something you see often!

IMG_2505We decided that for starters we would share the bruchetta and the cheese garlic bread so we ordered while we chose our mains. Some flat bread arrived at our table with a vibrant orange chilli oil, we tucked in. The bread was delicious, topped with herbs it was toasted to the point where the bottom was crisp but the top still soft and fluffy.

IMG_2506When the starters arrived the smells were wonderful and the colours of the bruchetta were beautiful and bright. The melted cheese was super creamy and full of flavour and the warm contrast with the refreshing bites of tomato added to the crisp toasted bread just made for the perfect combination.

IMG_2508The garlic bread with cheese was good, the bread had a good crust and each slice was full of flavoursome garlic butter.

For the mains we opted for two pasta dishes, a pizzaIMG_2509 and I had the gnocchi with tuna and pesto. The potato dumplings were lovely, they were soft and perfectly cooked and the little tomatoes scattered through the dish. There was plenty of tuna it was overall a decent sized portion, my only complaint would be that the dish lacked seasoning, it could have used a little more salt.

The whole dinner was good, everyone left satisfied and I’m sure when another Italian craving hits we’ll be heading back.

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