Lunch Review: Shakespeare & Co.

I love Shakespeare & Co., since the time it opened it has been a regular lunch spot for my mum and I and a meeting place for many. This wasn’t the first time I had been to the Shakespeare’s in Springs, or the first time I had ordered the Fettuccine Carbonara, but this time something just wasn’t right.

When we arrived it was a quiet Thursday afternoon, we sat ourselves at a little table and began to look over the menu – I’m not sure why we both knew what we wanted already. A waiter came and took our order and brought us the bread basket (my favourite part of a visit to Shakespeare’s!) the butter was full of delicious herbs and it’s so creamy and I just cannot get enough of it!

When our food arrived it looked beautiful as always, the plating is never anything but clean, simple and colourful. The food smelt delicious and so we got stuck it.

The Fettuccine Carbonara on the menu reads:

grilled chicken, turkey am, snow peas, roasted walnuts, creamy carbonara sauce

Which is what I got, with a little added extra! I am not a fan of fish, especially salmon so when I began  eating and started to find bites of very fishy flavours I was confused – my first thought was is there something wrong with the chicken? But I tried a couple of bits of meat on their own and found nothing, so I carried on eating thinking that maybe I was loosing my mind – it had been a long day – but it wasn’t until I got to the end of my meal that I discovered the fishy taste was in fact coming from little bits of salmon that had some how found their way into my food!

It didn’t make sense, no one else on our table had salmon so I couldn’t put it down to while making our dishes some got mixed in, but it did concern me that the chicken and the fish had some how got mixed together, if it was shellfish I would have been very uncomfortable for the next 6 hours as I am allergic, so I was concerned.

We mentioned the mix up to the waiter and he was very apologetic and said he would bring it up with the chef, the way that he handled the situation was admirable, very calm ad helpful.

Other than the aquatic intruder in my bowl the whole meal was pretty good, a classic Shakespeare & Co. experience that never leaves you disappointed!

4 Camels

100 - 200

Credit Card | Local Water | Outdoor SeatingSmoking Area

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