Brunch Review: Flavours on Two

A couple of weeks ago the lovely people from Towers Rotana invited me to experience a Friday brunch at Flavours on Two and I was more than happy to accept their invitation!                    

I have been to Flavours on more than one occasion but never for Friday brunch, their all you can eat and drink deal is extended throughout the week and it has often been a dinner and drinks spot for me, so this was something I was looking forward to.
When we arrived the lobby was bustling with people either checking in or checking out of the hotel, people with suitcases milling around and a whole host of extremely busy staff but despite that the staff were not too busy to say hello and check we were okay and knew where we were going. We made our way to the lift and headed up to the second floor, hungry and ready to brunch!

Once we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the manager, we were shown to our table and offered a drink of our choice, when we couldn’t decide on a wine he suggested we try the two they had available and go from there, so that is exactly what we did, the waiter poured our glasses and we made our choice.

We were shown around the buffet and the array of food looked wonderful, a little something from all over the world was on offer, from salads to live cooking there was something for everyone.

We decided to start with a selection of salad and cold mezze, I was pleasantly surprised by the fantastic quality of the bresola, it was absolutely delicious! The hummus was full of lemon juice which is my favourite way to have it and all of the salads werefresh and tastey. After the salads L had a plate of sushi while I had a few chicken and vegetable dim sums. I furthered my mini Asian experience with duck spring rolls which were like a lovely ready made duck pancake.

We also tried the spinach and salmon strudel, the roast lamb, the chicken dishes and pasta, pretty much everything was good and made for a great meal. The most disappointing thing from the whole meal was scallop stir fry – the scallops were very over cooked and rubbery and the actual ordering process at the live cooking station was complicated and badly communicated, I think the chef manning the station at the time we ordered was new and not entirely sure of what he was doing and so we can’t really hold it against him but I wouldn’t suggest having an inexperienced chef man the live cooking station on a Friday for brunch.

Once we had tried a little bit of everything between us from the starters and main courses we moved on to dessert, the best and most exciting bit of every brunch! We started off with a selection plate from the little desserts – cakes, mousses, pies, etc – and then moved on to the fresh made waffles. The strawberryand basil soup they had on offer was probably my favourite thing, it was amazing, the flavours were beautiful, closely followed by the moist and delicious white forest cake. The
waffles were fluffy and gorgeous, but by the time we had finished them we were both about ready to explode.

So while the place was much quieter than I have ever experienced Flavours on Two to be the staff were friendly, the food was good and the price is reasonable and I strongly believe that Flavours on Two should be back on everyone’s radar for a good brunch for a decent price!

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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