Dinner Review: El Sur

I have never really tried Spanish Tapas before because I know so much of it is made up of shellfish but for my Dad’s birthday we ventured to El Sur in the Westin, a contemporary Spanish restaurant and bar that just oozes sophistication.


We arrived to the rest of our party already seated with a jug of sangria sat on the table waiting, it was flavourful and refreshing full of body and fruity tastes. We scoured the menu and decided the best way to try a little bit of everything delicious was to just order a ridiculous amount of starters and share so we went through the list and got ourselves a whole selection from vegetarian options to pork and seafood.IMG_1880

While we waited for our food we enjoyed the bread basket, but more than that, the salts that came along with it, my favourite was a smoked salt that just exploded with flavour. The bread was light and with a great crust, it could have done with some butter though for the salt to stick to.

Our food arrived soon after, small collections of plates
IMG_1882appearing steadily throughout the meal. We
IMG_1883enjoyed a selection of cured meats, and cheeses which came with the most mind-blowing selection of jams. The patatas bravas were amazing, with a wonderful crispy outside and a soft fluffy inside
and a sauce that perfectly complimented the dish. IMG_1884

Every single dish we had ordered turned up as our table looking almost too exciting to even eat – not that it stopped us! Everything was full of flavour, sIMG_1887seasoned beautifully and freshly made and some of the dishes had the
most interesting twists, like the tuna in an avocado wrap, a crazy play with the senses from the flavours to the textures of the dish just blew my mind.

 IMG_1896 IMG_1895 IMG_1893
Despite the vast number of dishes we had shared we still had room at the end for dessert, and the sweet course didn’t disappoint, I enjoyed the caramelized brioche while the rest of the table had the peanut fondant and the chocolate
selection which were all full of amazing flavours without an overpowering sweetness.

Overall El Sur is certainly going straight onto my to go back to list, their food is mind-blowing and the menu is exciting. I would recommend this wonderful suave restaurant to anyone looking for a great meal, be it a special occasion or just looking for a guarantee of a good dinner!

5 Camels

300 - 500

Credit CardLocal Water | Outdoor Seating | Bar |   Smoking Area

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