Middle Eats Good Food Project

Not all food has been created equal. Well at least that’s what we’ve been told. The media is constantly filling our brains with a confusing amount of conflicting information about what we should and should t be eating, what’s good and what isn’t, but how do we know who and what to believe?!

It’s mind boggling, it really is, and everyone has their own opinions but I think that the easiest way to find out if organic really is better, if these supposed health foods really work and if eating real food makes any difference what so ever is to try them. So this year I will be teaming up with different food suppliers from around the UAE , trying their products and seeing if there really is a difference. Do they taste better? Do I feel better? Are they any easier to cook with?

The gourmet, organic and health food market in Dubai has exploded in recent years with wonderful markets and people who believe in selling and eating local popping up all over the place, the quality of food available has grown exponentially in the last 5 years which has prompted a rise in the amount of beautiful independent restaurants opening up. But my question has always been when ever I got to any of these places is would I be able to make this at home and have it taste nearly as good?

Many people say that quality ingredients are the only way to get quality food, but with that comes a hefty price tag that we all can’t afford but are there places in Dubai where a regular run of the mill home chef can get the ingredients to turn out a meal just like a five star chef?

That is my mission. To see if all of these fancy foods are really worth it. To see if local beats imported, if organic is better than mass produced and if these fancy gourmet foods are worth the hefty price tag.

So look out for #MEfoodproject on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and follow the project on the blog to see what comes out of The Middle Eats Kitchen.

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