Farmer’s Garden, Al Wasel Square

On Monday I had the immense pleasure of being invited to the media launch of the brand new organic market store The Farmer’s Garden in Al Wasel Square. It is a beautiful new concept in Dubai where all of there products are produced by small family run farms and businesses around the world, their flagship store is filled to

the rafters with beautiful artesian foods and an array of wonderful “ugly vegetables” as I like to call them – no they are not ugly in the conventional term but they are all funny shapes and sizes because they haven’t been forced to grow a certain way.

When we arrived we were greeted with cute little goodie bags and given a brief idea of the concept. We were given a glass of champagne that had had the alcohol removed (don’t ask me how they do it) which was delicious, it tasted just like the regular stuff but you can still drive after a couple of glasses.

We wondered round the small shop taking in all the strange and wonderful things that lined the shelves,
things we had never seen before in Dubai, from teas to pesto to crazy infused honeys! I just wanted to put everything in a basket and take it home to cook up something beautiful.

Laid out around on every available flat surface in the store were samples for us to try, from cheese and jams to chocolate and slices of baguette piled high with a gorgeous selection of things from beef to avocados. I think we must have nibbled our way through the same amount of food as a full three course meal!

Not long into our arrival Rashid Al Habtoor the man behind the store gave ashort speech about his passion and his vision of The Farmers Garden and spoke a little about why and how they had chosen their suppliers. He was very enthusiastic about these small businesses and farms and playing a part in helping them share their products with the world. He spoke about their plans for expansion in the new year, creating Farmer’s Garden stores all around the Emirate.

We spent about an hour in the store talking to the people behind it, about the food and where it came from and how the concept became a reality. We left satisfied and I know I felt inspired to cook with some of the beautiful ingredients available at The Farmer’s Garden so one day when it’s a special occasion I will go down and splash out on all the fixings for a delicious meal.

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