10 of Dubai’s Best Breakfast Spots

As the weather cools down it becomes more and more appealing to go out for breakfast and enjoy the morning, but there is nothing worse than a bad breakfast, starting the day off that way is just all kinds of wrong. So to save you the trouble and worry I have put together a list of my top ten breakfast spots in Dubai:

1. Clinton St. Baking Co.

A recent discovery of mine was Clinton St Baking Co located in Downtown Dubai. This little piece of New York is a perfect spot for an all American start to the day, from pancakes to cheesey grits and fried green tomatoes, everything here is wonderful.

200 - 300

 2. Shakespeare and Co.

While Shakespeare and Co. have branches all over Dubai the Safa Centre branch in Jumeriah 3 will always be the original and best no matter what. From the quirky interior to the friendly staff breakfasts at this wonderful little eatery have always been fantastic. Their crepes are just the best thing to get up early for, if you like them sweet or savory Shakespeares is the place to go.

200 - 300

3. Al Reef Lebanese Bakery

Ever since I was little Al Reef has been an all the time any time food must have, their cheese bread is legendary and whether it’s 4am after a night out, 6am on the way to work or the desert to camp or 10am just because you need a fix you cannot go wrong with Al Reef Lebanese Bakery, not ever – oh also a mango caprisun is a must have too.

Under 100 Dhs

4. More Cafe

I remember when More Cafe opened in Dubai and it was a strange new concept, there wasn’t anywhere with quite such a funky industrial chic vibe as more had (obviously that has changed now) but it was this new exciting place where everything was made fresh, the staff were friendly and the food was exactly what you needed on a Friday morning and after all these years it is still one of my favouite places to grab breakfast – you cannot beat their Dutch pancakes.

100 - 200

5. Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

Once again DOSC has made it onto this list because of their pork license – and their great food of course. The full English here is fantastic and you can have it any way you like it, extra crispy bacon, over easy eggs, no beans, extra sausage, you can go a little bit wild; but aside from that their breakfast menu is fantastic with something for everyone from those who desire a behemoth pile of breakfast foods to those who just want egg whites in their omelet, there is literally something for everyone’s taste.

100 - 200


I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with BERT’S in the Greens since it opened, the first couple of times I went it was great with friendly staff, great service and good food, but after a while you got the sense that the passion was gone, the food was lackluster and most of the time the orders were wrong, the whole place lost it’s atmosphere and I was really disappointed. However recently I have noticed a definitive move back towards the way it used to be, with good fresh breakfasts, friendly staff and quick attentive service so here’s hoping it carries on because with such a lovely menu it deserves to be a talked about neighborhood spot.

100 - 200


I only really go to PAUL when I am feeling extra fancy, but that doesn’t change the fact that they make all their bread in house as well as their pastries and you can tell. You know a place is good when every branch is always full of people and often times there is a line of those waiting to take their place at a table, even if it is just for a coffee. PAUL have always made great french inspired breakfasts and if I had ever been to France I am sure I would be able to compare it but I can’t so all I can say is if you are in the mood for a carb loaded breakfast get down to PAUL before the rush.

200 - 300

8. French Bakery

A Dubai staple, this famous little restaurant always used to be a meeting centre for the Jumeriah Janes of the 90s but it seems they have moved on in recent years although that hasn’t changed the fact that The French Bakery just off of Sheik Zayed has been and always will be a standard in Dubai.

100 - 200

9. Reem Al Bawadi

Moving away from the typical idea of breakfast spots and on to Reem, a restaurant that has steadily expanded over the years going from a tiny shisha spot on Beach Road to essentially taking over the city’s Arabic cuisine and for good reason. Reem has always had good food but I never considered them a place to grab a bite in the AM, so when I did one day I was pleasantly surprised, they obviously have traditional Middle Eastern fare like foul and labnah but they also have staple Western breakfasts with eggs and sausages.

100 - 200


Yes COSTA, you cannot argue the fact that their pastries are fantastic, their granola and yoghurt with blueberries is to die for and their coffee is a lot better than most coffee house chains. COSTA has to be my favourite for a quick bite in the mornings, a latte and what ever tickles my fancy at the counter makes for a pretty good brekkie on the go.

Under 100 Dhs

Honorable mentions

For those places that have disappeared, some of the best breakfast spots that have been and gone:

  • Central Perk Cafe
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Dubai Country Club
  • Jebal Ali Sailing Club

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