Dinner Review: 82 American Diner

I am pretty sure that soon people are going to start thinking that all I blog about are burgers, but I don’t, honestly! This will be the last one for a while I promise!

Now when we decided to venture to 82 American Diner one night after work we had only heard good things; the recently opened burger joint promised truly authentic all American fare and we got it. The burgers were awesome, clearly homemade and huge, deceptively so! I ordered the Hawaiian burger – because pineapple – and I added cheese to it, what I didn’t realise at the time was that from the list of toppings and sauces you can choose as many as you like and they don’t stick you with a fat bill at the end of it but it’s true, no hidden 3dhs for a slice of cheese nonsense, you can pile onto your patty what you please. All the burgers come naked, all that is between the two buns is what you ask for, no complimentary lettuce and tomatoes or massive chunks of onion, no sauces you didn’t feel like or pickles invading your space, each burger comes as it is described.

I also ordered a portion of chili cheese fries and I can tell you for free that their chili is not the tame spiceless chili you find in most diners here, there is some actual heat to this one which makes a much needed change! The meat was all well cooked, the fries were seasoned well and not soggy so they stood up well to the sauce and there was enough to get a bit of topping with every fry. We also sampled their onion rings, and if like me, you are sick of onion rings being made up of little bits of onion all lumped together and friend and would rather have a whole ring then this is your place, the crisp golden brown batter and sweet onion are full of flavour.

Aside from the food the service was fantastic and while the burgers took a little while to make it to the table it wasn’t like it was a long wait and I felt pretty confident that what we were getting was going to have been cooked fresh. The staff are friendly, helpful and always present and attentive, the decor is traditionally bright diner (so not a great place if you’ve got a headache) and the general atmosphere was comfortable. This place isn’t your typical diner fast food joint, it tries to stick as close to it’s traditional American roots as possible by serving up good food with a smile.

4 Camels

Under 100 Dhs

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