10 Christmas Time Treats

With the festive season fast approaching we all know that it means treat time, all the good stuff we don’t normally enjoy during the other 11 months of the year is suddenly available in excess. I love Christmas and I love all the great food and yummy goodies that comes with it but here is my top ten Christmas treats I will be enjoying this December:

1. Mince pies

Easily one of my favourite things about this time of year is mince pies, as a kid it was only my dad and I who ate them so he would go out on Friday mornings to Spinneys and buy a box for the week and we would share them. They became part of my balanced breakfast for the month of December.

Best enjoyed: With a warm cup of tea.

2. Pigs in Blankets

I don’t why we don’t make pigs in blankets throughout the year but for some reason these amazing pork on pork beauties are only reserved for the festive season. I am aware that in America pigs in blankets are different but clearly the British version is better because…well bacon.

3. Candy Canes

Everyone has their own way of eating these ridiculously shaped sticks of sugar, personally I start at the straight end and work my way round to the curvy end.

4. Bailey’s Irish Cream

I know you can have Bailey’s when ever but when it’s not Christmas time it just doesn’t seem right. I love a nice glass of Bailey’s when it’s cold, there is just something so perfect about it.

5. Mulled Wine

Any other time of year the thought of hot wine seems pretty repulsive but during the festive season there is nothing better than a glass of warming spiced wine. It always reminds me of Christmas carols at The Dubai Country Club and my mum’s annual Christmas dos where she would make a whole vat of it and the grown ups would get a little piddley as the night wore on.

6. Marzipan Fruit

As a kid my dad and I always used to get marzipan fruit from my gran at christmas, I always had it in my stocking and I used  to eat them really slowly so they would last as long as possible. I also used to steal the marzipan form under the icing on my mum’s Christmas cake slices.

7. Cranberry Sauce

I can’t think of any other point in the year where we actually eat cranberry sauce without it being weird. I don’t know what it is about it that is so great, maybe the sweet and sour medley of flavours, but either way it is the best thing you can have with your turkey and stuffing.

8. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

I don’t know who Terry is but I take my hat off to him. As a kid I remember my mum always getting a chocolate orange for Christmas and she would always let us have a segment. Now you can get them all year round pretty much but for me they will always be a Christmas treat.

9. Hot Chocolate

Living in Dubai there isn’t much opportunity to drink hot chocolate at any other point in the year, not unless you want to give yourself heat stroke, so Christmas is the best time of year to make yourself a nice hot cup of chocolate, covered in whipped cream and maybe topped with marshmallows is you’re feeling dangerous.

10. Gingerbread Men

I alway remember getting the gingerbread men from Spinneys in the run up to Christmas, their feet were dipped in chocolate and you always had to eat the head first – any other way was inhumane. I don’t even like gingerbread much but for some reason around Christmas I find myself enjoying one or two gingerbread men before the season is up.

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