Experiencing The Magic of Queen

This weekend thanks to the wonderful Geordie Armani myself and the other half got to go to see The Magic of Queen at Media City. The concert itself was amazing, the orchestra were fantastic and the whole night was awesome.

When we got to the concert we were both really hungry so we had a little look at what was on offer food wise and had a choice between Taqado or 1762Deli so we went with the deli.

I ordered the wagu burger and the other half had the fish and chips, now while the queue was long it was moving quickly, the guys from 1762 had a great system in place that worked (bar the obvious couple of idiots who felt they were more important than everyone else and so didn’t have to wait in line) and we got our food a lot faster than expected. I was anticipating a burger full of sauces and vegetables but instead I got a burger that was exactly what it said it was on the menu, bun, meat and cheese, which is fantastic and meant I could fully abuse the condiments bar! To my burger I added the most awesome sweet caramelized onions and a couple of sauces and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

The other half enjoyed his fish and chips, it was in a breadcrumb crust rather than a batter and came in a handy cup, chips and all and I have to say it smelt wonderful!

We both enjoyed our little dinners while watching the opening few songs and it made the experience of the whole night that little bit better to get good service with zero fuss and a tasty meal.

3 Camels

100 - 200

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