Dinner Review: The Scene

Last night we visited The Scene, the newest edition to Pier 7 in the Marina. They serve traditional homely English food without making you feel like you’re at your nan’s house for tea, unless you have an excentric kitshy nan who has a taste for the odd and missmatched.

When you walk in you are immediatly struck by the design of the restaurant, there is no escaping the face that nothing matches – but in that way that everything kind of does – and rather than making it feel chaotic and confusing you feel instantly relaxed; all of the doors to the terrrace were open so the seating flowed out from the restaurant floor onto the balcony overlooking the Marina and the breeze filled the room – there is nothing better than winter in Dubai and being able to comfortably sit outside.

We were greeted by friendly staff and seated promptly, once we had browsed the menu and made a quick desicion on what we were eating a waitress appeared, she was very friendly and took our order.

I was in awe of the interior, down the the table settings, it was all very “boho granny chic” with a little bit of that popular hipster vibe thrown in for good measure, from the gingham napkins to the frilly lampshades everything worked together. The only thing that I can’t say I particular enjoyed was the semi-sticky table, it wasn’t sticky because it was dirty but because what ever was being used to clean the tables was reacting with the varnish, but in fairness it added to the typical British pub vibe without leaving you smelling of stale beer, so I guess it all works out.

After a little while our drinks arrived, we had ordered an iced tea, a beer, a cider and I had a rhubarb daiquiri. It was nice, although it tasted more like grapefruit for some reason, maybe they didn’t have any rhubarb for the puree or maybe it was just really grapefruity rhubarb I don’t know but either way it was still nice.

Not long after we got our drinks food started appearing and the table, we had ordered two steak and ale pies which came with mash, a burger and the lamb shank with mashed potato. The pies were proper mini pies not just a pot of meat with a pastry circle chucked on top and they were a perfect size for one person. Actually everything was perfectly portioned for one person which makes a lovely change from most eateries.

Overall my pie was awesome, the pastry was delicious, flakey and buttery and cooked to perfection, the steak inside was beautifully tender with little to no nasty fatty bits and it wasn’t swimming in gravy, just enough to get my mash in and enjoy and the mushrooms – despite my not liking mushrooms – were good, they were chunky and hadn’t gone slimy in the sauce which I have often found happens when making pies with mushrooms if they are cut up too small. The mash was smooth and creamy and there was the perfect amount to compliment the pie with everything on my being perfectly seasoned and presented beautifully.it was the first time in a while I turely enjoyed a pie not made at home.

I love the rustic serving style of The Scene as well, with every dish perfectly complimenting it’s contents without making it difficult to eat.

My brother ordered the lamb shank, which when it turned up looked beautiful, a good sized piece of lamp and another little mountai of creamy mash with a red onion gravy.

The meat was literally fall off the bone tender, and I don’t know much about lamb, since I don’t eat it but it it looked really good and I tried some of the gravy which was good, it was sweet and flavourful.

One thing I did notice and wasn’t a great fan of was the fact that the typical British food mantra of meat and two veg wasn’t upheld, if you want your second veg you have to order a side order of it from the section on the menu.

The final order was one of The Scene’s Herd burgers, it was small and tall and full of fresh veggies, it really looked amazing, the cheese was completly melted around the patty and the sauce was ozzing from the bottom bun, it looked amazing. The chips were served in tiny fryer baskets and true to their name on the menu, they were proper chips and they had this wonderful smokey flavour, I’m not sure where it came from but it was wonderful.

Because of the reasonably sized portions it was easy to then find room for dessert, I enjoyed the apple crumble, filled with warm apples and sultanas and served with a sweet custard – it was maybe too sweet and certainly far too thin.

We also had the chocolate and peanut fondant with salted caramel which had the perfect oozy middle and it was apparently delicious.

Overall I was really happy finally getting to dine at The Scene and can’t really complain, the food was good, the portions were perfectly sized and the staff were friendly enough even if they we’re always around.

4 Camels

200 - 300

Credit Card | Local Water | Smoking Area  | Outdoor Seating |  Bar

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