Experiencing the Good Vibes Market

IMG_0416.JPGThe weather could not have been better for the Good Vibes Market down in Al Quoz. The sun was shining, the clouds were beautiful and there was a fantastic breeze blowing through. We headed down in the afternoon intent on getting ourselves a good lunch, Alshakal Avenue was easy enough to find but there was a great lack of parking, it was a try your luck on the street side situation, and we did.

The place was buzzing, from the arty-types toIMG_0418.JPG families enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon out there was a wash of happiness – part fueled by the weather and pet by the great music coming from down one of the roads – and everyone had something delicious looking in their hand.

IMG_0420.JPGWe got there and immediately made out way down the line of food stalls to see what there was, I was really looking forward to trying Ghaf Kitchen but – unless I am blind and stupid – I didn’t see them there! So we went for Mexican from Taqado, I have eaten there before and I know it’s awesome so I went with crispy chicken tacos. I have to say I was a tiny bit disappointed because I know how IMG_0422.JPGgreat and fresh their food normally tastes and today’s was a little dry but I can also forgive that considering they were outside working from a pop up stall so all in all it was good and as always the staff were friendly and up for a laugh despite being obviously exhausted from the extremely busy day they had been having.

All the food stalls were pretty busy, there were queues of hungry patrons at pretty much every one and all the conversations I over heard were the same, trying to decide what delicious thing they would choose when everything looked so good!

IMG_0424.JPGAfter our Mexican we decided needed froyo. It had to happen. So we headed for IMG_0426.JPGMelt, the food truck that supplies the city with awesome creamy froyo and what seemed incredibly popular fruit ice lollys a lot like Calipos but minus the E numbers. I had my froyo (plain of course – the best and only way) with strawberries, it was so delicious. Just the right amount of sourness from the yoghurt coming thorough and super soft and creamy.

It was a really lovely laid back afternoon surrounded by chilled people, it was nice to be in a place where there was no palpable tension in the air and to see families spending time together and enjoying a community event.


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