10 of Dubai’s Best Burger Joints

When it comes to Burgers I am not easily impressed, I am quite picky about my burgers but while I may not have an exact criteria for the ultimate burger I know that it should be juicy, the bun needs to be good – can’t be dealing with any of that dry, cheap, seasame covered nonsense – they should have a good amount of sauce and if there is lettuce involved it better be cold and crisp! I am basing this list on the burgers alone, the fries are a whole different list, so here it is my top ten palces to grab a burger in Dubai:

(with one being my favourite)


Last I checked it was at Kite Beach and this little food truck has definately got it right when it comes to their burgers. Fantastic buns, crisp lettuce and just the most flavoursome, juicy patties you’ve ever had! I also love the fact that the patties aren’t always round so you can be sure those babies are handmade!

100 - 200

2- Elevation Burger

With a few outlets now dotted around the city Elevation Burger whips out good tastey burgers. With plenty of choice to suit everyone this place is great even for those picky buger eaters who have very specific topping tastes. I have to say I do very much enjoy the Half the Guilt burger with one beef and one veggie patty, and of course cheese so really there is still the full guilt but I’m okay with that!

100 - 200

3- Leftbank

A good thick juicy homemade burger always hits the spot, but make sure you’re really hungry! I don’t go to Leftbank much for food but from the few times I have been I have to say, their bugers are definatly the way to go if you’re stuck on what to order!

300 - 500

4- Johnny Rockets

I’ve been eating at Johnny Rockets for many, many years, I remember when it was just the little dinner on Beach Road and the staff used to sing into ketchup bottles every so often – I also remember a time when the jukeboxes on the tables actually worked. Now while the best thing that comes out of Johnny Rockets is their milkshakes (best enjoyed with a plate of fries to dip in them – don’t knock it til you’ve tried it and then thank me later) their burgers are pretty damn good too. Good thick patties, plenty of cheese and a simple no fuss menu where everything does what it says on the tin is probably the reason that this little diner has managed to stick around for so long and spread itself around the city.

100 - 200

5- Burger Fuel

This burger joint and I have a little bit of a love hate relationship. I adore Burger Fuel – I am in love with their fries and aoli and I think the doofers are just the greatest idea – however their burgers don’t seem to like me much; I don’t know why but they never seem to agree with me – not that it stops me from eating them, I will suffer through. So if that isn’t an endorsment for a good burger I’m not sure what is. Their bread is delicious and it’s robust enough to not fall apart when you get half way through your buger like some places and some of the flavour combinations they come out with just make my mouth water. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the Burger Fuel Facebook page to see what new crazy they have come out with because it could just mean a trip to one of their outlets!

100 - 200

6- Fuddruckers

Another long time Dubai establishment, this burger joint has always been a love of mine ever since it opened over the road from Diera City Centre, I remember being in love with the fact that your burger came naked and you could go up to the toppings bar and drown it in ketchup (I was 7, my needs were simple) and it is still one of my favourite things about Fuddruckers – the freedom to build your own burger. Also their cookies are awesome.

100 - 200

7- Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

While this is a “members only” place I still had to include it on the list because in the many years of DOSC’s existance they have created a pretty damn good burger, plus if you get it with bacon it’s pork so that’s always a plus.

100 - 200

8- Bob’s Easy Diner

Located on JBR this little American stlye diner serves up some pretty impressive burgers, their selection is pretty mouthwatering and definatly works in favour of cheese lovers. They are tastey and filling and it helps that the staff are always really friendly and up for a laugh.

200 - 300

9- Burger Joint New York

A quirky little joint on City Walk where the walls are covered in messages and doodles from all the people who have been there before you and the menu is on bits of cardboard, Burger Joint New York does a pretty good burger, while a little on the small side leaving you still a little peckish the flavours are all there and the “homemadeness” is evident.

100 - 200

10- Fat Burger

I’ve always been a bit funny with Fat Burger, when they first opened I thought the burgers were awesome but after a while I became disappointed with the dropping quality however recently I have tried their burgers again and they seem to have picked up where they tripped up because they are back to being on my consider list when I’m trying to decide what to eat at the malls. Though like most people I am still not a fan of the loudly yelling the order more than once around the kitchen – everyone doesn’t need to know what I’m ordering!

100 - 200

To find these burgers click over to my Top Ten Map where you’ll find all of my top ten locations.

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