Breakfast Review: Clinton St. Baking Company


I don’t know about you but I feel very strongly that breakfast is the most exciting meal of the day; forget it’s importance and all that, it’s exciting, it is the first thing you eat every day and there are just so many wonderful things you can have for breakfast that it is easily the most exciting thing – but only on weekends when you have time for more than boring old cereal! So you can imagine my pleasure when on Friday morning I got to go to Clinton St Baking Company, a place I have been dying to visit for months! It also helped that I was slightly fragile from the night before and therefore in need of something really really good before having to go shop for Christmas presents to send back to the UK this week.

So we were up bright and early and on our way to Clinton St in Business Bay, now finding it wasn’t as straight forward as you would hope when it’s early in the morning on a Friday but that has kind of become an expectation of anywhere in Business Bay at the moment, but we found it and we managed to get a table straight away.

The place looks and smells awesome, you are just hit by this delicious blend of breakfast and baked goods all melded together with the aroma of the coffee going out to tables, the big chalkboard wall that surrounds the service window has all the information you could need, including specials and the wifi password – a great touch and it saves the staff having to constantly tell people! The whole place makes you feel like you have stepped into America and it made me realise exactly how much I miss breakfast in the states, if there is one thing those lot across the pond do right is breakfast.

We sat dow and began reading through the menu, at only a page long for both breakfast and lunch meals you would assume making a choice would be easy but it wasn’t, if I could have had one of everything without being judged I probably would have but alas; so I chose the Southern Breakfast, cheesy grits, two eggs, bacon and fried green tomatoes. Heaven. I also enjoyed a fresh orange juice – to aid the fragile feeling – followed by a delicious iced tea.

IMG_0236.JPGWhen food arrived I was amazed by how much bacon was on my plate, there was a literal pile of beef bacon compared to most places where you get two weedy rashers and you should be happy with it, so that was a nice surprise. The grits were awesome, actually, everything was awesome, fresh and made by people who clearly know what they are doing!

During our meal every time I looked up I could see the chef watching me from the kitchen and I am still unclear as to why, I’m not sure if was judging us for being a bit odd and overly excited by food or if he was judging my reaction to his cooking for some reason but either way I felt I did a good job and proving I enjoyed it.

If you get a chance make sure you head to Clinton St Bakery to get yourself a really good breakfast and maybe pick up one of their insanely large cookies and let me know how those are cause I want to get me one of those bad boys, the look awesome! I only wish I lived closer so I could make it an unhealthily regular breakfast spot, but I shall have to settle for semiregular trips for pancakes.

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