Brunch Review: FREVO

A big group of us went to brunch at Frevo, a Brazilian restaurant in the Fairmont on The Palm Jumeriah to celebrate my birthday. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, there wasn’t much online to read about it but we booked it anyway and come Friday morning got ourselves ready to eat, drink and celebrate.

First of all when I made the reservaiton they were very helpful and managed to squeeze us in to what was a very fully booked brunch, then when we got there we were warmly welcomed and the staff were very helpful in explaining how the brunch worked. Our waiter was awesome, he was always there with the next drink or the next round of sides and the smells that were coming from the kitchen were totally mouth watering! It didn’t take long before I started to notice staff walking around with large sticks of meatand equally large knives, the selection was insane, every cut of beef you could imagine all spiced differently, cooked in a variety of ways and all just as delicious as one another. The smoked beef had a beautiful flavour that just tasted like you were camping, while the spicy rub on one cut had just the right amount of heat. A few people around the table even tried the chicken hearts – I was not one of them.

By the time we were all suitably full of meat – there wasn’t much of anything else being eaten despite the good selection of salads and sides available (clearly we are just a bunch of hungry carnivores!) – we were ready to get our drink on and the rest of the table decided it was nessisary to have shots to properly celebrate my birthday but these weren’t any ordinary shots, none of your standard vodka, tequila or sambucca, oh no, these were homemade Brazilian rum shots which had a pretty sevre kick followed by a slightly comforting burn and a whole lot of sore heads the next day. It is safe to say that who ever is making this rum knows what they are doing!

Overall I can safely say it was one of the most enjoyable brunches I have been to in a long while, with nice staff, fantastic service, amazing food and a great atmosphere Frevo pretty much has it all.

5 Camels

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