Come Dine With Me

My girlfriends and I decided that we needed to do our own version of Come Dine With Me at each other’s houses because we all love food and it was an excuse for wine, gossip and lots and lots of sillyness. My only word of warning if you are going to have a Come Dine With Me week of your own is to pick a week where everyone is fairly free from commitments, stress and work in general because it is exhausting!

The first night we dined on a wonderful smoked mackerl pate, beef pot roast in red wine with red onion marmalade and vegetables and a delicious lemon meringue pie, it was safe to say that by the end of the night we were all well and truely full and satisfied. The meat was so tender and flavoursome and everything else was just cooked wonderfully!

The second night was my night, I made a roast tomato and asparagus salad with grilled haloumi and a balsamic and lemon olive oil dressing, that was followed by a chicken breast stuffed with feta and spinach and served with a carrot and lemon risotto. For dessert I made a banana and raspberry chocolate pudding. I think it all went down pretty well, the flavours were fresh and light and it was a pretty stress free cook considering I got home from work late and really didn’t have all that much time to prep.

The penultimate night was French themed, we had snails in garlic butter followed by a cheese fondue with some of the most lovely caramelized onion bread and then chocolate pots topped with salted caramel for dessert! It was really yummy and added to the great food was a good portion of entertainment in the form of painting, painting portraits of one another, and so you can only imagine how silly things got!

The final night was a lovely chilled end to the week, we had a delicious bruschetta for starter followed by gorgeous homemade fishcakes and roast vegetables and then a massive fruit salad for dessert, it was all just what we needed to end the night, light, yummy and satisfying.

The whole week was a good laugh, but like I said, come Thursday it was nice to just stay home and have dinner with my family and then fall asleep promptly on the sofa infront of a bad movie.

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