It’s Burger Night

Last night we decided to have friends round for burgers so that the other half could try out his new Stufz burger press and it was a total success. In the morning we went shopping and got some lovely fresh ingredients to make cheese and bacon stuffed burgers, as wells as plenty of sides and yummy things to go with them – I also got myself a Starbucks because I had been craving a vanilla latte for days!

So when we got home we began making the burgers because they take a surprising amount of time, seasoning the meat and letting that sit for a while, then there was prepping the bacon and moulding the burgers, the Stufz press was interesting and takes a little fandangling to get right but it makes really huge really awesome stuffed burgers – I am not kidding on the huge front, these things were bigger than my palm!

We laid a lovely colourful table, fried up some curly fries and onion rings and sat down to eat; the boys had theirs in cheesy baps and we had ours in iceberg lettuce leaves with pineapple slices. It was really a delicious meal.

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