Do Food Courts Wipe us of our Manners?

Can I just take a moment to discuss something that has bugged me for a vast number of years, food court etiquette, more importantly, leaving your table. Having grown up in Dubai I understand the lazy mentality we all develop with maids and nannies who will work 7 days a week, valet parking everywhere you could possibly need – and even some places you really don’t, cleaners who quietly float around outside of your vision making sure everything always looks lovely, gardeners who put  up with 40 degree heat so that we don’t have to look at sand, it all kind of comes with the territory of living here as a “have”, but one thing that I really cannot deal with is the way people behave in food courts.

I know that not everyone does this, some people are very courteous and mindful of others, but there are a select few who seem to think that in a communal area – which is essentially what a food court is – it is more than acceptable to be a disgusting slob. The number of times I have been walking through the tables of the food court and noticed tops covered in empty food containers, to the point where there is very little visible of the table, there are papers strewn everywhere, boxes and tubs left in precarious piles, many of which are still full of food that no one felt like eating, there are left over bits of bun, bones or half eaten fries left on the table top with smears of sauces to finish it off.

Please can someone explain to me how this is acceptable? Leaving a mess there for someone else, not even caring. I am aware that there are people who’s job it is to clean the tables and keep the food court tidy but does that mean that they should have to pick up your nasty half nibbled on meals and wipe up your spills and dribbles because you didn’t even have the decency to at least put it in a neat pile on the tray. Nine times out of ten I put throw my stuff away, on a rare occasion I leave it on the tray on the table, and normally when I do go to throw my rubbish in the bin one of the the cleaners normally rushes over and takes my tray off me and thanks me for going to put it away.

It doesn’t hurt, it won’t kill you, I am not saying you have put on a pair of marigolds and scrub the surfaces but just at least leave it slightly tidy, the guys who work there are not employed as personal servants, they are there to straighten up and keep things neat.

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